Frequently Asked Questions

Residential ScaleBlaster

image06177205834Will ScaleBlaster work on all types of pipe?

Our residential ScaleBlaster units will work on COPPER, PVC, CPVC, and PEX pipe.  If you have galvanized pipe, you will need to replace that small section of pipe of where the signal cable is wrapped on the incoming cold water line with any of the above mentioned pipes.  This only involves about one foot of pipe.

Where do I install the unit?

Install the unit on the incoming water supply line going to the house or building, and always before the water heater. You want to make sure all your pipes are cleaned out of limescale deposits. If you are unable to locate the incoming supply line before it splits, follow the cold water line back as far as possible from the water heater and install there.  This may be the case if your home was built on a slab.

How difficult is it to install ScaleBlaster?

In most circumstances, the homeowner can install the unit themselves.  No special tools or plumbing work is required.  For slab built homes, you will need to locate the incoming pipe as it enters the house.  The unit can be installed outdoors if needed, but make sure it is either the SB-Elite or SB-MAX Pro models, as they are in weatherproof boxes.  Always contact your dealer if you have any questions.

My house has both galvanized pipe and PVC pipe in it.  Will ScaleBlaster still work

Yes, we are only concerned about the location where you wrap the coil at.  The same thing can be said if you have galvanized and copper pipe.  If the location where you want to wrap the pipe is galvanized, you will need to replace a small section of 12 inches with copper or PVC pipe.   The descaling process will work downstream on all types of pipe after the signal cable location.

Will a protective cover placed over the signal cable interfere with the signal in anyway? 

No, as long as it is a non-magnetic cover.

Can ScaleBlaster be installed in the attic where it gets very hot in the summertime?  

We recommend the average air temperature to operate ScaleBlaster at 32 to 122 degrees F.  The unit will operate at temperatures below and over those numbers, but not for long periods of time.  The unit should be installed in an area that is ventilated.

Is the signal cable a special wire?  How can I get a replacement signal cable?

Yes, the signal cable is a special wire and is not readily found in hardware stores.  You can purchase additional signal cable wire packages from ScaleBlaster, which includes the zip ties.  However, if you need a short-term replacement, an 18-gauge, tin coated stranded copper wire will work.

My electrical outlet is more than 5 feet away from the only place I can mount the power box.  Is there anything I can do without having to add another outlet?   

You can plug the ScaleBlaster unit into an extension cord if needed.  Our ScaleBlaster units are UL and CUL approved.

Can I wrap the signal cable wires on a main water pipe underground? 

Yes.  Sometimes older homes built on slabs have little exposed pipe and this is an option.  Installing the signal cable underground is not problem at all.  The SB-75 power box will need to be installed indoors however, as it is not weatherproof.

The area I want to install the signal cable has a coupling in the middle of it.  How much of an issue will I have on the effectiveness of the product? 

We do not recommend installing the signal cable over a coupling.  The wraps must be flush, and evenly against one another.  Adding additional pipe to the installation area would be the best option.

Can ScaleBlaster be installed in a well pump house? 

Yes.  Install the signal cable after the pump for best results.

I am planning to install the SB-75 power box and do not have much space.  Can it be installed vertically or horizontally? 

It does not matter, either way is fine.  We do ask that the area is ventilated and not in a hot enclosed area over 122 degrees F.

Can I install the power box right next to the water pipe and where the coil is going?  I know it has to be within ten feet, but I can put it within a foot. 

Yes, that is fine.

Can I install ScaleBlaster on two lines – I have one going to my house and one for the yard and barn?

No, you cannot install ScaleBlaster on two lines.  The signal is only strong enough to treat one line and one building the size noted.

Please explain what you mean by “as far away as possible” from tees, elbows, couplings, valves and curved pipe when wrapping the signal cable?  I do not have much room to wrap the coil. 

For the very best results, the less turbulence in the water is desired.  By saying “as far away as possible” we prefer it to be a few inches away, if possible, but if there is no room to wrap the coil you can still wrap the coil next to the tee, elbow, or coupling.  Just make sure it is not on curved pipe and wrapped over a coupling or valve, as all the wrappings need to be the same size or diameter and flush against one another.

Can I extend the ten feet limit on the length of the signal cable from the coil to the power box? 

No, you cannot extend it.  The ten feet of wire is the limit we allow from going from the signal coil to the power box.  You will need to get the power box location and the coil wrapping location within those lengths.  If needed, you can use an extension cord to plug the unit in if the electrical was an issue.

Can I install ScaleBlaster on a copper pipe that is painted?

Yes. There will be no issues if the pipe is painted or not.

My house is on a slab.  There is only 3 inches of pipe before it does a 90° into the pressure regulator.  Can I mount it here? 

Install ScaleBlaster after the pressure regulator.

I do not have 12 inches of straight pipe so I plan on re-piping the line at the water heater, but this line only controls water going into the heater.  Is this OK?  

Yes, it is OK.  You will be descaling the hot water lines, where the majority of the scaling issues take place.

I just completed the wrapping of the coil and have a lot of leftover signal cable wire.  Did I do this correctly?   

Having extra wire is expected.  We always supply extra wire to handle the various pipe sizes and allowing up to ten feet of wire (in each direction) of where the signal cable is wrapped and the power box is mounted.

The manual says I need to wrap the pipe 50 times.  I don’t have room for that many.  Is this OK?

If you have no other possible options, wrap the coil as many times as you can.  You might have slightly diminished results, but you should still be quite satisfied with ScaleBlaster.  Remember, you do have a 90-day money back guarantee if not satisfied.  If at all possible, do try to obtain the required numbers of wraps, and to never overwrap it either.

I have room to wrap the coil more times than you recommend.  Can I go ahead and do this and expect even better results?  

Absolutely not!  Going over the recommended amount will actually diminish the strength of the signal.  The amount of wrappings we recommend will give you the optimal signal strength possible.