Residential ScaleBlaster

What is ScaleBlaster?

ScaleBlaster is an innovative, state-of-the art, electronic water conditioner that is installed on the incoming waterline entering the home.  A signal cable is wrapped around the outside of the pipe and is connected to the enclosure.  The unit produces a unique sound wave that alters the calcium molecules in the water, causing them to lose their “adhesive” properties.  This removes existing limescale and keeps it from forming again.  ScaleBlaster requires absolutely no maintenance, salt, chemicals nor any filters to replace.

Water Softener Comparison

ScaleBlaster will not soften the water like a softener does by removing calcium from the water by adding salt, but “conditions” it.  Calcium is beneficial for the human body.  Why remove it?  Water softeners waste a lot of water and discharge brine into our water system, harming the environment.  Check out the pros and cons of using a water softener vs. ScaleBlaster:

WS vs SB Residential Chart

Residential Models

Choosing the proper model depends on the following factors:

  • Water hardness level

  • Size of house

  • Indoor or outdoor installation

  • Pipe size


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